Friday, March 3, 2017

We've Been Meeting With All Kinds of People

At the zone training this past week

Elder Shirley teaching at zone conference

February 27, 2017


As far as missionary work goes here, we seem to have a huge teaching pool still. We are meeting with all kinds of people and seeing people that we contact on the street set up and meet with us again. The main problem that we are struggling with right now is getting those people that we meet with to progress. Nobody is progressing too well right now, but we have some really cool investigators. 

We had zone training this last week here in Brno. Elder Oviatt and I prepared a training about getting investigators to progress. It went well. I think my favorite part of training though was from Pres. Pohorelicky. He talked about the importance of companions. Not only here on the mission, but also after we get home. These companions that we serve with here can have a big impact on us. 

Wow...sorry. Time has already run out! I spent too much time today looking at basketball pictures haha. I have no doubt that Sugar can pull through and win the state championship this year. They have had an awesome season. Not going to lie, it was easier to hear about last year's season haha. It's hard to hear about how well they are doing and not be able to be there and see it! I guess you never realize how much you love it until after-the-fact, especially when I'm not there to even watch. Tell Dan good luck for me!

Love you lots!
-Elder Shirley

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