Monday, March 13, 2017

Transfer to České Budějovice!

A few pictures with some of the wonderful members from Brno

March 13, 2017


I have some news for you this week! Transfer calls came on Saturday. I thought for sure I was staying in Brno as a zone leader since my companion was going home. But the mission is always full of surprises! I got called away to serve in České Budějovice. {As far as I've been able to determine, it's pronounced chess'-kay boo-jay'-o-vitsa.} It'll be awesome here! It’s the prettiest place in all of the Czech Republic. And it’s neighboring city in Cesky Krumlov. Look that city up! I'm going there next P-day I think.

I am a district leader here still and will be follow-up training a missionary. Oh, I am also 1st counselor in the branch presidency here and will be in charge of finances and things like that. There aren't too many members here and even less Melchizedek priesthood holders. It should be quite the experience, especially seeing how my mission will probably end here in this city.

We said good-bye to all the members and investigators that we had in Brno. We are handing them off to two really good Elders though so I am confident that everything will be great there. We met 3 times with one of our investigators there this last week. She was really sad that we are leaving, but I am confident that she will be one to be baptized in the coming months. 

I’m really excited to have moved into this great city. I am working here with Elder Robinson, who is from Park City, Utah and it'll be a blast. 

Love you lots! Sorry this week’s letter is short, but I’m kinda pushing for time today. Transfer day is always crazy!

-Elder Shirley

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