Tuesday, March 7, 2017

P-Day Excursions to Hrad Veveri and Mikulov

Brno district with town of Mikulov in the background

Veveri castle

Getting knighted as "Brnaci" (people from Brno)

Historic market square in Mikulov

Mikulov castle

In old town center of Mikulov

Looking down on the town of Mikulov

Starsi Shirley and his companion Starsi Oviatt

Brno district at Veveri castle

March 6, 2017


I've been on some pretty cool P-day trips the last 2 weeks. I'll send you as many pictures as I can. We went to Hrad Veveri with 2 members and we got knighted as "Brnaci"(which means people from Brno) and we also went to a city called Mikulov. 

We had a few member meals this last week and we will have another couple this week. We are trying to change the mission and get more to the member side of the work than just on the streets.

We have quite a few investigators right now, just nobody with a baptismal date. Nobody seems to want it bad enough right now to commit to a date. We have taught the Plan of Salvation a few times this last week and you never think about how many different questions people can have about it. I find myself having to stop and think about some of these things because these questions have never even crossed my mind. Alma 40 is a great chapter though. 

I had an opportunity to give a baptismal interview this week. The missionaries have a guy ready to be baptized next week so we drove there and I got to do the interview. It was a good experience and built my testimony in the fact that people can go from a normal person to someone with a testimony and ready to be baptized in a short amount of time, just through keeping commitments and following the Lord.

Next week will be transfers! My comp is heading home back to Canada and we'll see what happens here in Brno. 

In our email, we told Elder Shirley about his brother Dan and the team winning the state basketball championship this past weekend. Here is his reaction to the news:

My heart dropped when I opened my email and saw yours titled “State Champions”! I can't believe it! Well, actually I can. They have a solid group of kids playing right now. They had an awesome weekend and an awesome tournament. That is so awesome! I can only imagine how it was to be there and experience it. Or to be Dan and actually play in it. That is the dream of every basketball player...to win the state title. Awesome! 
I have honestly been thinking about it all week....not to the point of being distracted but it has been hard not to be there. I couldn't be happier for Dan though.

Love you!
-Elder Shirley

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