Thursday, February 23, 2017

Repetition Is The Mother Of Wisdom

Starsi Shirley with Starsi Lanham, who is going home soon. Starsi Shirley says that he is"one of the people that has had the best influence on me here"

A Cuban lady who knows the missionaries. She contacted us and invited us over for lunch

Starsi Shirley with a pin that was sent to him. It says "missionary of the year"

Starsi Shirley says "just a classic missionary lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup". We're glad to see that he's not going hungry!

Out on a P-day hike with his companion Starsi Oviatt

On a P-day hike with a member

February 20, 2017


We had MLC (mission leadership conference) in Prague with President this last Tuesday. It is great being able to spend a little bit of time around President. He is definitely a spiritual man. I saw some missionaries at MLC for the last time, namely Elder Lanham. He will be going home soon and I won't be seeing him again. Sad to see him go! He is probably one of the people that has had the best influence on me here on my mission.

We had a pretty good teaching week, teaching 5 lessons on Wednesday. It is funny how often we teach the same things to people as missionaries. Repetition though, is important! As a Czech phrase goes "OpakovánĂ­ je matka moudrosti", which means, “repetition is the mother of wisdom”. Going out and teaching the message of the Restoration of the gospel really strengthens your testimony that it is true!

A few of our investigators are progressing and doing well. In fact, we even had 7 investigators at church this last Sunday between the 2 companionships, which was awesome!

The work is really moving forward here. How could it not when God is at the helm? I love this time that I have to share the gospel and invite people the come to Christ. It brings the greatest happiness and joy to preach the gospel. 

Elder Shirley shared the following lesson with us that he has learned while on his mission:
One thing that I have seen is that, after the fact, it is easier to see things in a different light, whether that be in sports like basketball or whether that be out here on my mission. I have wondered oftentimes out here on my mission, "Why am I with this companion?" or, "Why I am still serving in this area?" I don't know whether it is because God has a plan and blesses us with such "trials," as they seem to be in that given moment, or whether that is just how human nature works, or maybe even a combination of the two, but I do know that with the "vision" that we have after the fact, it shows us the good that comes from these "hardships."

Oh, by the way, I got a letter this last week from two girls here in the CZ. They are high school students here that actually are following my blog. They said they love it and read it every week. I don't know what you guys are doing to make my blog look so great, but thanks! I definitely don't feel like my writing is good enough to keep people interested sometimes, but I appreciate the time you put into it!

Love you all!
-Elder Shirley

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