Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ready for Warmer Weather

Brno district:  Sestra Huylar, Starsi Oviatt, Starsi Shirley, Sestra Harrington

Enjoying some ping-pong at a recent missionary get-together

January 30, 2017


We had a good teaching week, like we planned on! We taught our one investigator that has been investigating for the last few months. He is great and is the farthest that I have ever been in the teaching process with someone. But we taught him the Law of Chastity this last week, and in short, it didn't go to well. We'll see if he keeps progressing. It might just take a while longer for him to get baptized!

We have two new investigators this week who are both progressing: a 25 year old guy and a teenage girl. We are at the start of teaching with both of them, so we'll see how it plays out. We have this other lady with a baptismal date and she even came to church this week! We think she could make baptism within the next month. 

Other than teaching, we went on an exchange in the city of Zlin this last week. I went on an exchange with a new missionary, and we had a lot of fun and saw success together. It just took me back a long ways to when I was a new missionary. It made me think of when I had exchanges with the zone leaders for the first time and how cool of an experience that was. It’s crazy how the roles change so fast!

Pulled pork sandwiches are the best! I've missed those. I actually had those for the first time about 2 months ago. A senior couple made them for us. {We told Elder Shirley that we had pulled pork sandwiches at Grandma Shirley’s house this past weekend}

I am hoping the weather starts warming up a little here. Finding on the streets is much more enjoying when you are not freezing. Hey, this last Saturday we were outside for quite a while and it was pretty dang cold. By the end of the day, my one my fingers was literally discolored because it was so cold haha. But it turned out alright. I was also walking around in the apartment for about 30 minutes until I got all feeling back in my feet again. Pretty intense!

Q.  What is your testimony of the Plan of Salvation? {Our question to Elder Shirley}

A. The Plan of Salvation. I was just thinking about it this morning. I think the most important part of the plan is the goal. That we can become like God. That is the reason why we are here. It just makes sense. I was thinking about how no other church believes that....kinda interesting. Jesus Christ, prophets, commandments, and everything else that we have in the gospel is for our progression, not only in this life but for our life after this one. God is so loving that he gives us the opportunity not only to live with him, but to become like Him. And it is all thanks to Jesus Christ. 

Love you!

-Elder Shirley

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