Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Really Enjoy Zone Training Days

The Brno district went bowling

February 6, 2017


As for my week, we had zone training this last Tuesday. It was a long training because we also watched the missionary broadcast which I sure you have heard about. Basically we just got a new everyday missionary schedule. As for this mission, not a whole lot changed. Our mission has always been a little flexible with time and when we can do things. The biggest difference is that we have a lot more time at home in the morning and in the evening. So we can fill the time however we would like. My comp and I have started working out in the evening as well. The part of training that we were in charge of, we talked about practicing teaching our lessons in companion study and how important it is. Not too interesting of a topic, especially for those who aren't missionaries, but it was great. I just really enjoy training days to see President and to be together as a zone. Now that I am older in the mission, it is cool because I feel like I, to some extent, personally know the missionaries that are here. 

We had an exchange after training, and it was good. We taught a lady that came to our English class. She has dreads down to her knees and is pretty Buddhist, but she actually ended up coming to church with her friend. That was a nice surprise. We have a few other investigators that are progressing, but the people with dates seem to be avoiding us for the moment. We have another good week planned ahead of us though, again, so we are excited for that. 

As great as the Super Bowl sounded, I can't say that I am too happy with the result. As far as the food goes though, that sounded like it didn't disappoint. Hey, recently I have been thinking about trying to put on some weight before I get back. The goal wouldn't to be just put on weight, but in theory, to put on muscle weight haha.

Sorry for the pretty weak email this week. I'll make it up next week :) Love you lots!

-Elder Shirley

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