Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Single Most Successful Week Finding People To Teach

Starsi Oviatt, Sestra Harrington and Starsi Shirley

There's a lot of people to contact in that building!

An Elder Shirley selfie

February 13, 2017


As for investigators, this week combined with last week is the single most successful time I have had on my mission as far as finding people to teach. When we weekly planned we had around 20 names of people that had set up appointments with us. Elder Oviatt and I can't even think of anything that we are doing different, but we are seeing the hastening of the work here. We are definitely feeling grateful. And even now, a few of those people didn't come to the scheduled lessons, but we are blessed.

We have one investigator that is progressing well and she is meeting with us often. She came to church as well on Sunday. It has been fun teaching her because she actually keeps commitments! I don't think there is a commitment that she hasn't kept yet. We have a few other regular investigators, but nobody right now is too close to baptism.

Today we wanted to go look at a castle that was somewhat close to Brno. We took a train and a bus to get out to this little town and then we were going to walk there. We hadn't realized from looking at the map how long of a walk it would be. We ended up hiking for quite a long time, but in order to make our train back, we didn't even see the castle. Definitely a good hike, that I'm sure Dad would have loved, but we didn't even make it to the castle haha.

Love you all lots!

-Elder Shirley

Our questions and Elder Shirley’s answers: 

Q. Anything you’d like us to send to you for your birthday?
A. With my birthday coming up, I really can't say I need anything. Needed things are few and far between. I think I'll need a lot more when I get back than when I am here.

Q. If you end up getting transferred next time, is there a particular area where you would like to serve?
A. If I got transferred once more......not sure. Probably Prague or Plzen. We'll see what happens.

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