Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Not Everyone We Contact Appreciates Our Message

All of the missionaries in the Czech/Slovak mission as of 12/29/16

January 23, 2017


Everything here is great! We had a pretty interesting last few days. In fact, Saturday night we had an interesting incident. We had been outside for about 4 hours contacting and hadn't really had any success. We were on a city bus trying to talk with a guy that didn't really have interest. And then the lady right behind him lost it. She had apparently had enough listening to us and she turned to us and just started screaming. Literally, screaming haha. She managed to yell for a few minutes straight, spit flying out of her mouth during the whole thing. I think I heard about every swear word that I know of, and quite a few new ones haha. The guy that we were talking to got off the bus, we moved to the front, and keep contacting. Opposition means we are doing something right, right? :)

Investigators were very few this last week. We had Missionary Leadership Conference this last week in Prague and it was actually a two day thing this time. So we were out of our area at the beginning of the week and then mid-week, we had an exchange in the city of Trebic. So we were out of our area a while and people just didn't seem to have time to meet. This next week should be the week of meetings and investigators. We have high hopes. 

We did have one really good lesson this last week. We taught with our stud ward mission leader. We taught a guy that was found a few months ago and is slowly progressing. He has had a date a few times, but just hasn't put enough time into it yet to really know. The cool part was in the middle of the lesson he expressed to us that when he is with us in the building, he just feels better, like he wants to be a better person. But that when he goes home, that feeling slowly goes away. We testified that that was the Spirit and that we can not only feel it with us, but even at home by himself when he reads and prays. He should have another baptismal date soon!

My companion, Elder Oviatt, is still great. I think me and him are more similar than almost any of my companions yet. I've enjoyed the transfer so far. Oh, I have to apologize. I didn't send anything for Christmas. Not even a card....I hope you weren't too disappointed! I'll make it up by bringing home lots :)

Love you lots!

-Elder Shirley

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