Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Learning a Few Turkish Words

Elder Shirley and his companion Elder Robinson visiting Schwarzenberg Mausoleum near Trebon on P-day

Schwarzenberg Mausoleum

A view of Trebon


Svet Lake near Trebon

April 24, 2017


So this last week, we had a few awesome lessons. We are teaching one guy that will be getting baptized in the next month. He is so prepared and so excited. He actually has told us that he looked for a church for the longest time and never found the right one. He prayed and asked God to show him the correct church and within the next while, he met missionaries. He’s such a great, humble guy. He's come to church every week since I have been here in the city.

We also are now teaching a few Turkish people. One Turkish man we have been teaching a while. When we teach him, we have been Skyping the Elders in Germany that speak Turkish to teach him. Just recently, we found two Turkish college students and they are interested as well. We Skype those other Elders with those two as well. It is a little different of an experience than I have had so far on my mission, teaching throught Skype, but it is fun and they are awesome guys.

Yesterday we had a great church meeting. My comp had a talk and one of the senior missionaries also gave a great talk. The branch President and his family were gone this week, so I was presiding again. I'm just glad that the meeting went smoothly. I am always a little scared that something might not go how it is supposed to haha. We had 4 members at church and 3 investigators. A little small, but good to know that the size of the church doesn't affect the truthfulness of it! Also, branch conference will be next week so we are expecting a lot bigger of a turnout.

This week’s questions to Elder Shirley are taken from Abrea’s email. She asked what his favorite meal that he ate during the week was and what the favorite thing that he did during the week was. Here are his answers:

My favorite meal this week was probably what I ate today for lunch. It's called Moravsky Vrabec with Zeli and Knedliky. Translated it means pork with sauerkraut and dumplings. You should look it up! It's one of the most famous Czech dishes. When we come back here, you'll have to try it.

We mostly either teach people or walk around the city and talk to people. We found two guys from Turkey though and we started teaching them, which was pretty cool. They don't really speak English or Czech, so we Skyped missionaries that know Turkish so we could teach them. I know how to speak a little Turkish now :) Not really, but I know a few words!

Love you!

-Elder Shirley

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