Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Teaching The Real Meaning of Easter

Last picture of the current C-Bud district. The Czech missionary (Sestra Chalupska) goes home this week after completing her mini-mission 

C-Bud district with one of their "awesome investigators"

We did a service project this last week. We were in a group of people and we picked up trash alongside the river. We did something similar last year in UH.

The sister missionaries working hard during the service project.

The river in C-Bud where they did the cleanup service project

A couple of pictures of the streets in C-Bud that Starsi Shirley walks every day.

Outside of the LDS church building in C-Bud

Front door of the church building

Downstairs entryway of the church building in C-Bud. The chapel is upstairs.

Elevator in C-Bud church building. "We ride this elevator every day."

April 10, 2017


This week was pretty good and a few exciting things happened.

Last Tuesday was a pretty open day with not a lot planned. We took a bus to the college here in C-bud and went and contacted people on the college campus. We found these two college girls that set up an appointment with us and seemed interested. A few days later, they came to our meeting! We taught the Restoration and they said they were interested in learning more still. Elder Robinson and I were pretty nervous beforehand...we've never really taught 2 college-aged girls at the same time haha.

We also have been and will be using the new Easter video for a new finding idea. We opened up the doors to the building, set up a laptop with the Easter video, and started inviting people to come in and watch for 3 minutes. It worked well and one guy that came and watched the video actually returned about 30 minutes later and wanted to hear more. He is also a new investigator from last week.

General Conference was great! I especially liked the Sunday afternoon session. Elder D. Todd Christofferson had the best talk, I thought. I felt that conference spoke a lot about being in the world, but rising above the world's standards. Elder Anderson talked about overcoming the world and somebody else talked about how God asks more from us. Really great conference!

It sounds like your trip to Boise was a great one. The Gunnell’s really are awesome. Uh oh....what stories did you hear about me? That is funny the things that Sister Gunnell remembers about my eating and about my height. Looking back, I honestly feel like I wasn't the greatest missionary at that point in my mission, but I'm glad they had good things to say about me :)

{In the last couple of weeks, Elder Shirley has mentioned that his knee is bothering him. This week, we asked him for more details on how he’s doing}
Alright, as far as my knee goes, it doesn't hurt at all walking. We have only run twice in the last two weeks and it feels a lot better now. I think I am going to buy new running shoes. Our guess is that because I am running with such beat up shoes (the same shoes he left home with almost 2 years ago), that it is affecting my knee. But it'll be alright :)

{We’ve heard a few times recently from people who have served with Elder Shirley that his ability to speak Czech is quite good and that it was good even when he first arrived in the country from the MTC. He has always downplayed his language abilities when we’ve asked him about it. We mentioned that in our email this week}
Alright, I would say that I speak Czech better than the average missionary, but I'm not the best. And at the start of my mission, I didn't speak well at all! Haha

Love you all lots!
-Elder Shirley

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