Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I've Learned How To Trust In God

C-Bud district visiting some castle ruins called Divci Kamen

Divci Kamen ruins in the distance

C-Bud district: Starsi Robinson, Starsi Shirley, Sestra Heap, Sestra Chalupska

April 3, 2017


Everything is going pretty well here. A little different still and I’m still adjusting to the new calling and trying to be as good a help as I can be. I'm still learning the basics though. The charge from the stake president was to find and reactivate men to hold these callings here in the branch. So, we're working hard to get that done as well.

We had an awesome training this last week in Prague. It took most of Tuesday, but it was a very prepared and very well presented training. I enjoyed the AP's training on becoming spiritually self-sufficient. We can achieve this self-sufficiency and help others do likewise through following the Savior; specifically, his example of prayer, scripture study, the sacrament, and relying on the Spirit. President also gave an awesome training. It was pretty, what I would say, fiery. He talked about being urgent in the work and stepping up to our calling. He quoted a great talk from Elder Holland. I don't know if it is accessible to all, but it is called the Miracle of a Mission. I found a link to the talk here if you are interested: https://annathemissionary.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/elder-holland-the-miracle-of-a-mission.pdf

We weren't too successful on the side of finding investigators this past week. But we did find a few potentials in all of our finding time. We actually tracted into a lady on Sunday that invited us back to her backyard and gave us ice cream and juice. We talked for a while and might be back over there for service in the future. 

Our question for the week:  What is one of the most important things you’ve learned from your mission?

Answer: That's a pretty intense question haha! One of the things that just comes to mind right now is that I've learned how to trust in God - to be able to go out every day and work because I know that someone is there for us. I guess you could even say that my faith has been strengthened from all the times when I had hope and faith to find someone and then God prepares someone and they are put in our path. I have also felt that I have grown in confidence and knowledge of the truth of the gospel. As well as the realization of how important the work that we do as an individual is important and effects more than we know and see.

We told Josh that we are going to Boise this weekend to hear the Gunnell’s (a senior missionary couple that he served with in Jicin and really loved) report their mission. His response to that news:

Wait, you're going to Boise to hear from the Gunnell’s? That'll be awesome. I was pretty sad that after my second transfer, I never really saw them again because I was on the opposite side of the country. They called me the day before they left though and said bye and said that they'd come to my homecoming. Just tell them I love them!

We told Josh about our general conference weekend. In the Czech Republic, they have to wait one week to hear conference so that the Czech translations can be completed. His response:

Conference is a great weekend home as a family. I'm excited to see it! Oh and that meal that you had is another meal that I miss! I love Navajo Tacos!

Other than that, I'm doing great. My knee is still bugging me a bit. It's not too bad, but I can't really run without it killing pretty good. I guess all I need is strength for missionary work right? :)

Love you!
-Elder Shirley

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