Thursday, January 19, 2017

This Work Constantly Demands The Best We Can Give

With new companion, Elder Oviatt

The new Brno district

Inside one of the biggest churches in Brno

A nice view of Brno

January 16, 2017


Elder Oviatt and I had a really successful week! With all of our street contacting we received over 10 solid contacts (which is one of the high weeks). So we are expecting a week of teaching either this week or the next. Elder Oviatt is a fun guy to be around. We basically have the same hobbies and are pretty similar. He goes home at the end of this transfer so it is very likely that I will be here in Brno for even another transfer after that, which would put it at 8 months here.

This week I really noticed how blurred or twisted the idea of faith is here in this country. It makes me sad to see and hear how people react when the word "faith" or "church is even mentioned. It has bad connotations here, which makes it hard sometimes to approach people on the street because the second they realize that we are from a church they are gone. At the same time, it is also really cool to see when someone at least gives us a minute to talk and explain why we are here. When somebody can see that faith can mean something personally for them, they are a lot more open to talk and to try to understand. We had a cool experience with a lady this week on the street. She was not interested at all, a scientist, and didn't feel like talking. I can't remember exactly why or how, but she kept talking to us and she could see that we "believers" weren't actually that weird haha. By the end of our 10 minute conversation, she was willing to give her number and was excited to meet with us again. The Spirit CAN work on people!

I am also glad that I am serving with Elder Oviatt because he teaches simply. Our prayers are really focused on a person receiving an answer for themselves. I realized that maybe I could strengthen my testimony of prayer and receiving answers from God. I have usually relied on the approach of "it all just makes sense." But I have realized that not only does it make sense, but that the concept of prayer is so essential in the conversion process.

This is a work that constantly demands the best we can give. I love seeing and feeling the growth in myself as a missionary. It is so fulfilling! 

Love you lots!
-Elder Shirley 

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