Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Visit to Slovakia

P-day with the district

Visited an open air museum

In the tunnels underneath Velehrad monastery

Underneath Velehrad

Bones underneath Velehrad monastery

Last district meeting before transfer week

A picture of Uhersky Brod

Entering Slovakia!

Service project: tearing down a wall

Another successful project!

April 26, 2016


Another great week! And we are coming up to the end of the transfer here! Next week I might be in a new area with a new comp, but we'll see! Highlights from the week!

On Tuesday, we had a "culture night". We get one day a transfer where we get to go to some cultural event and learn more about the Czech culture. For ours this transfer, we went to an open air museum. They had recreated a settlement from the 1200s or something like that and we toured around that. We also went to the massive church, Velehrad, but this time, we went underneath it! It was really cool!

On Thursday we had our last district meeting as the 6 of us. We had a testimony meeting at the end of it and it was great. I have come to love the Elders in my district!

We have been doing a lot of service recently and still have a ton of people that want some. But this week, we helped a member in his garden. He had a bunch of small trees and bushes that he wanted us to dig out of the ground. It was good work and I even got a blister from it! My hands have gotten pretty weak haha. We also did service in Luhačovice this week for another member's parents. We tore down a wall of an old shed, which was pretty fun work.

On Friday, we decided to try and do a little less-active finding and contacting in a city near ours called Uherský Brod. It was cool to go into another city and contact some new people.

And on Sunday, we had church! It was great as usual. That evening we contacted and then tracted in a small town called Kněžpole.

Yesterday (Monday) was an awesome day! Training is always the best, and this time it was in Slovakia! Czech missionaries don't get to go to Slovakia too often, so it was a fun experience. We took a train to Bratislava and had training in the church building there. The entire training was focused on learning how to baptize! It was an inspiring and much needed training. I came away knowing what I need to do more and feeling more excited about the work.

Love you all! Have a great week!

-Starší Shirley

{Here are some of Elder Shirley’s responses to questions that his mom sent to him}

Hi Mom! Thank you for asking people to email this week! I had so many people send Happy Birthday emails! It was nice to see how many people are still thinking of me :) I will definitely miss my traditional birthday turkey dinner this year. A member knows about my birthday and invited us over though. So it'll still be good! With transfers coming up soon, I don't know if I'll be able to Skype for Mother’s Day. I know I can at least call you on the phone. We drive on the same side of the road here thankfully. We drive an Opel; I wish we had a BMW haha. We use the car probably every other day. I get my hair cut at a local place; they do a pretty good job!  We email from a library and we have 90 minutes.

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