Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Week in the Czech Republic

Elder Shirley and Elder Lovell

Enjoying P-day!

A cultural celebration we happened to find

A church at the top of the hill

A view of Uherske Hradiste

Service project - "before picture"

Service project - "after picture"

European soccer season is beginning

Branch Easter egg hunt

Some booths set up on the town square

Making Easter whips

A variety of Easter whips

Traditional Easter whips - Elder Shirley made the small one

Making another visit to the local castle - this time it was open!

Entering the castle

March 29, 2016


There has been a lot that has happened this past week and a half! I'll try to fit it all in!

We had branch conference at church 2 weeks ago and a ton of people showed up. The district president spoke as well as President McConkie. It was an awesome Sunday.

The next day, we went to Brno and had zone training. We talked about finding ideas, which was exactly what Elder Lovell and I needed. Training days are my favorite! 

This whole last week, we shared the Allelujia Easter video with everybody, members and investigators. It is a great video and everybody enjoyed it.

Tuesday and Wednesday were almost the same. We did service in the morning for an investigator. We stacked wood for her and it was good to do work like that again. 

All the remaining time during the week was spent contacting on Easter! We got to testify of the Easter and of Jesus Christ all week. 

The Easter traditions here are a little different. Everyone makes or buys a whip made out of braided willows tree branches. On Monday, the men go around and "whip" the women. So of course, we bought whips and we also learned how to make them. There was a big Easter festival thing this last weekend as well and everyone had booths set up on the town square. It was really cool! I have a lot of pictures this week so make sure to look at them. 

Just a good week all around! Still loving missionary work! Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Love you all!
-Starší Shirley

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  1. To fill in a couple blanks:
    Remember the "weird costumes" Josh saw in the museum? Now, do you see what the band is wearing at the cultural festival? Those are called a "kroj" (kroy). A kroj is handmade outfit and everyone from that city wears the same outfit. At one point in history, you could tell what city someone was from just by seeing them in their kroj.

    The whips. I'm not sure how the tradition got started, but on Easter, men walk around with these whips, whipping the women until they give them a piece of candy. It's gotten pretty ruthless so on this day, most women don't even leave the house.

    It's a big deal to get to a castle when it's open. Most castles are closed on Monday, so a visit to a castle on p-day means you get to see it from the outside, or climb over a wall (which happens when you are still a child in a foreign country).