Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Week Full of Travel

Elder Shirley and his companion Elder Lovell

A more candid shot of the two elders

One of the service projects for the week:  "cleaning books"

March 14, 2016

Nazdar! Hi everyone! 

This week was full of travel...again. I've been traveling a lot lately! 

Tuesday I went to Prague again for my last appointment for visa work. I got my residency card and I am officially legal to live here for the next 2 years!

Wednesday, my comp and I traveled to Brno and we had progression training for all the new missionaries and trainers. Trainings are like my favorite thing, so I'm lucky to have got an extra one this transfer. Also, on Wednesday, one Elder in our mission that just finished, came back here and we had a branch party. His name is Elder Earle. It was weird to know that he finished his mission and is going home. I'll miss him! It is amazing the influence that one person can have on the members and on other missionaries.

Thursday was district meeting day in Zlín. We contacted quite a bit that day as well and found some cool people. 
Friday was a lot like Thursday. Lots of contacting and we had a lot of success on Friday. It is days like Friday, days when you talk to people on the street and get to know them, that I really realize how much I love being a missionary and I how much I love these people. It's such an awesome thing.

Saturday was the same, with weekly planning and youth night in the evening.

Fast Sunday was awesome! We had an investigator come to church with his wife. The members loved it and I think our 2 investigators enjoyed church. I actually taught priesthood meeting at church and it went well. The members were nice enough and stepped in to help. We got fed dinner by a member Sunday night as well. She made us gulaš and it was amazing. 

That was a short recap, but now a little more on food. Halušky, a Slovak dish, I think is my favorite food on the Earth now. My comp and I make it twice a week. Everyone should try it if they have the chance haha. 
{We have decided to try this at home.  We found some recipes online and confirmed them with Elder Shirley.  We’ll have to see if we agree with his assessment of “favorite food on the Earth”. If you’re interested, here’s a link to a good recipe for halušky:  

A picture of halušky

This week was really successful. My new comp is awesome and he has such a great desire to work hard. We are finding lots of people and have lots of meetings set up this week, It should be a good week. Thanks for your support everyone!

Love you!
-Starší Shirley

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