Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turning Our Focus to Work With Members

P-day at the zoo in Dvur Kralove with new companion, Elder Petty

Spending time in Dvur Kralove

Another picture from Dvur Kralove

A cheetah at the zoo in Dvur Kralove

Giraffe's at the zoo. We also saw elephants, leopards, lions, monkeys, gorillas and rhinos.

A nasty caterpillar thing we found while tracting

View from Elder & Sister Gunnell's apartment

November 2, 2015

Ahoj everyone!

This past week, I sent my old companion, Elder Bitner, back home. He finished his mission and now I am serving here in Jičín with Elder Petty. We are doing some good work here.

We have done quite a bit of tracting this last week. We dropped off an introduction to the missionaries letter in the mailboxes of a bunch of houses and then have gone back and knocked on all of their doors. We didn't get any solid investigators out of it, but we have a few potentials.

We also have had a few good lessons with less-actives this week. I think Elder Petty and I this transfer want to focus a little more on the members and less-actives and try to build them up. Every member is a missionary and the missionaries need all the help from the members that they can get!

Not too much other news for this week. Jičín is a great place and the missionary work is awesome. The language is hard, but one thing that I do know is that through any trial that any of us may have, that we can turn to the Lord and he will help us. I love this gospel! Have an awesome week everyone! Love you all!

-Starší Shirley

We asked Elder Shirley a few questions and the paragraph below contains his responses to those questions. 

My companion now is quite different than my last, but we get along well. It's hard to find a solid investigator, but we are looking!  There is a holiday on November 17th, I think. It's for the Velvet Revolution. I'll let you and Dad research that to find out more. I know Dad likes doing things like that. The new coat is working great! Sundays we wake up, eat, and get ready. Sometimes we go pick up an investigator or a less active. Then we go to church. Sacrament meeting, then a gospel principals class and then priesthood. We eat lunch with the Sisters in our district and with the Gunnells. Then we either teach lessons or go tracting or contacting. I get most of my laughs from the Gunnells now. They are pretty funny! I still get like 25 emails a week so it's hard to email everybody back! My new companion likes making food, so we've made a few really good meals this week! You'll have to look up Halušky and Smaženy sýr. We made both of those! 

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