Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Start of Transfer 2!

Elder Shirley and his new companion Elder Petty

We went to a concert this last week with a member and the Sister missionaries

Some awesome members here on Elder Bitner's last Sunday

More great members

October 26, 2015

Hi everybody!

This was the last week of my first transfer with Elder Bitner and we had a pretty good week! We had zone training this past Thursday. It was on being a successful missionary and setting good goals. President McConkie is awesome and got me pretty fired up to be a better missionary. We also talked a little bit about the Book of Mormon and the power that it has. We were challenged to read it before Christmas Day, so that is my new goal! 

After training, we went on splits with the zone leaders because they needed my companion to go do some baptismal interviews. I went back to Jičín with Elder Earle. He and I had an awesome time together and we literally talked to every single person that walked even somewhat close to us. We taught a lot of people and it really helped me with my Czech. Elder Earle and I also talked a little bit about transfers coming up and he got me pretty excited for the new transfer. 

A couple of cool things that happened this week were that we contacted a girl on the town square and she didn't really want anything to do with us. She was about to walk away, but I bore my short and simple testimony to her. She then turned to us and said that she would meet the next day. Testimony is powerful! We also contacted a mom pushing a stroller. She also wasn't interested, but he baby in the stroller looked up at us and keep saying the word angels at us. That was pretty awesome.

We finished the week strong with 4 investigators at church as well as 2 less actives. It was great to see the members of our branch so excited to have all of these people come. Our district of 4 missionaries also sang in sacrament meeting. We sang the song “Where Can I Turn for Peace”, which has only recently been translated into Czech. That was a good experience. 

I now have a new companion named Elder Petty. He is from Redmond, Washington and lived in the same stake that the Duvall ward is in. I've only been with him for about an hour or 2 but he's a great guy. He has been in the mission for quite a while so his Czech is great, which is a blessing for me because I need somebody to teach me! But I'm excited to see what this new transfer has in store for me! 

Here are some fun mission facts for you guys.  In order to qualify for a stake, you need 5 branches that qualify to become a ward.  In order to qualify as a ward, the branch needs at least 150 members on the ward list and there needs to be at least 15 active, tithing-paying priesthood holders. The Czech Republic currently has 4 branches that qualify to become a ward. My branch here in Jicin is 1 priesthood holder away from qualifying as a ward.  So, we need to either reactivate or to baptize another Melchizedek priesthood holder here, and when we do, the Czech Republic will be able to have its first stake.  So, there is a little bit of pressure on us right now, haha!

Time does feel like it is flying here! I did hear lots about state soccer and I think that that is awesome! The temple is a blessing to have so close in Rexburg. The members here don't get the chance to go very often I don't think. And if they do, it's a whole day thing for them. I've been trying to read more of the New Testament because a lot of people here know at least a little bit of the Bible. The weather is still quite cold, but it hasn't snowed yet. I think snow here just kinda depends on the year. I heard that the last 2 winters have been pretty weak with snow though. I found a hat and some gloves in my apartment so I didn't have to buy them. I probably won't buy boots unless it gets really snowy. We haven't really gone anywhere for P-day because they're aren't a ton of places to visit close by and getting travel arrangements is hard. 
The Church is true everybody! I love you all! 

-Starší Shirley

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