Monday, November 23, 2015

Learning To Make Schnitzel

A picture from yesterday’s after-church lunch.  The Elders made dinner!  Schnitzel!  It was great!  Elder Shirley is quite the cook!  The shorter guy is a recent convert; he is awesome!  

Elder Shirley says that he has a new hobby

A store they found in Hradec Kralove - nothing to do with the LDS church though.

Spending the day in Hradec Kralove on an exchange

Another picture from Hradec Kralove

The Christmas tree is up in the town square and the first light snowfall fell this week.

November 23, 2015

While I thought I'd be emailing on Thursday, we are doing a half P-day today and half on Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner, so I’m writing today. I had a great week!
This week was another exchange week. I got to travel to Hradec Kralové again and serve a day with Elder Peterson, a zone leader there. We taught a lot of people on the street and had a few sit down lessons. I really enjoy going on exchanges, seeing a new city, and working with a different missionary for the day. You always learn something new from different missionaries.

We contacted a referral that we got from the Sisters this week and taught him a lesson. He said that he would be baptized if he came to know that it was true. We will be setting a date with him this next week when we meet!

At church yesterday, we had a TON of people there. There were around 70 people there, about 20 more than the usual. A lot of the Sister's investigators came and we had 3 less-actives come. It's exciting to see people come to church and fill the chapel that we have here. We are doing quite a bit of tracting recently, and are having some success. We found a few potentials, and somebody that said that they would come to church! We do get swore at quite a few times, but I can't understand so it doesn't even bother me! Haha. Other than, that, nothing too big happened.

It got cold here this week too, and we also got some snow! It has been snowing lightly for the past 2 days now. I will get to Skype this Christmas, probably from the Gunnell's computer (the senior missionary couple there in Jicin). I'm excited for that! I have heard that you emailed Sis. Gunnell. I think we're lacking quite a few ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner, but she is trying hard to make it good! We probably walk somewhere around 5 miles a day or so. Elder Petty (his companion) and I get along well. We had a few promising contacts this week, and a few promising lessons with less actives. For P-Day this week, we might try and go to Prachovské Skalý, which is a giant rock place close by. You'll have to look it up online. My district is really tight. It's just us two, the Gunnells, and Sister Boza and Sister Angerhofer. I have a good quote from Elder Gunnell this week. He said "God created man, and then rested.......then he created woman and since then, no one has rested hahaha. We thought that was pretty dang funny!

Love you all! Have a wonderful week! Happy Thanksgiving in a few days to everyone! We are already getting pretty excited for Christmas here.

-Starší Shirley

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