Monday, October 19, 2015

Hard Work Brings Fruits!

This is the life!

In front of the Skoda auto museum

A variety of Skoda automobiles on display in the museum

Elder Shirley, Elder Bitner and sister missionaries in the Jicin district

New Skoda on display in museum

District picture in the Skoda museum

A view of the town of Turnov

Another view of Turnov

Nearby castle named Trosky - Elder Shirley hopes to visit this on a future P-day.

October 19, 2015

Hello everybody!

This week was another good one. I feel like I say that every week, but it is always going great here in the Czech Republic! It was pretty cold this week and it rained most of the week too. It's a good thing I love the rain! A few of the highlights of this past week:

On Thursday, we took a trip out to a different city to do some tracting in some other places. We have already gone to a few close-by cities, like Nova Paka and Sobotka, so this time we traveled to Turnov. We had a potential investigator that lived in Turnov, but she ended up not being able to meet. We did an hour or two of tracting and it went really well! We knocked 2 houses that said we could come back, so we are planning on visiting them this week and hopefully we will be getting some solid new investigators.

We had a cool miracle this last week. Our senior couple was in a mall in Mlada Boleslav eating dinner. Right as they finished their meal, a lady walked up to them and said they she recognized their nametags. Our senior couple called us, we talked to her, and set up a meeting for the next day in the chapel. As it turns out, this lady had been taught a little about 3 years ago but she had lost all contact with the missionaries. We taught her the Restoration and I got the chance to ask her if she would be baptized. She loved everything we said and told us that she would be baptized on the 19th of December! She came to church the next day, and even bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. I am super excited for her.

We had to drop a few investigators this week for various reasons. We are still meeting with a few and hope to get quite a few more this next week. This week is the last in the transfer, so I will have a new companion next Monday. Elder Bitner and I have an awesome week on plan already for this last week and we are planning on doing some good work to end the transfer.

A couple days ago, we walked by an old man in the street. He turned to us and said something that I thought was really cool. He said "I see you guys all the time walking around all over the place. But you know what boys, it brings fruits. It brings fruits." Sharing this gospel is a wonderful thing, and over time, it will bring fruits just as this old man said.

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!
-Starší Shirley 

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