Friday, July 24, 2015

Settled Into a Routine At The MTC

Czech/Slovak Mission t-shirt

Book of Mormon in Czech

Top bunk at the MTC

Small MTC closets

A taste of what it's like to learn Czech

July 23, 2015

Ahoj family and friends!

First off, thanks to my family for sending me a big package with lots of letters! That was much appreciated. This week was another good week, and it flew by once again.

Our schedule every week is the same. My companion and I teach 6 lessons per week and when we aren't teaching, we are in class studying grammar for Czech. Everyday my attitude for speaking Czech changes. Sometimes I'm really confident with the language and sometimes it's really frustrating. But overall, I'm learning slowly and will eventually be able to speak it.

I've started a schedule of studying the Book of Mormon recently. Through my study, I realize how powerful the scriptures are and that they can increase your testimony of this gospel through reading it. The Book of Mormon can help you in any stage of life you are in.
For devotional on Sunday, President Richards spoke. His talk was on repentance. He would direct a lot of questions to the crowd of missionaries. His talk was more of a discussion and it was cool to hear some insights from other missionaries.

This week, I found a Mormon message video that I really like. It's titled "Mountains to Climb." i would encourage everyone to either go watch the video or listen to the talk. 
Devotional on Tuesday was by William Walker. He gave us 10 points to be a better missionary. As I thought about these points, I realized that they can also be applied to everyone's life. They are: 1. Focus on the Lord. 2. Love the scriptures. 3. Forget about yourself. 4. Love people. 5. Follow you priesthood leaders. 6. Learn the language of the Spirit. 7. Work hard. 8. Be obedient. 9. Be a Preach My Gospel missionary. 10. Go home and be a faithful member of the Church.

That is my highlights for this week! My letters feel like they are getting shorter and shorter because I don't have much to write about with all the days being the same. But after being out as a missionary for a month now, I am still enjoying the Lord's work and being his representative.

-Starší Shirley


  1. Brian,
    Has Josh given you names of his teachers? I'm wondering if I know any of them.

  2. Hi Brett! No, he hasn't mentioned his teachers names. I sent him an email to ask though. I'll let you know when I find out.