Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm Living the Movie "The Best Two Years"

Elder Shirley and some of the missionaries from Brno

September 19, 2016


The big city of Brno is great! Investigators are going pretty well. We have a few pretty good potentials right now. Nobody is really progressing a ton but there are a lot more people to find in a bigger city like Brno. The ward here is pretty big - about 80 people I think. It feels pretty weird to be in such a big ward and not feel as needed like we were in other areas. We actually had 2 meals with members this last week! Dinner on Wednesday night and lunch on Thursday, All the members are pretty great here. We also had dinner with one guy that is from Michigan, but originally from Rexburg. He knows Grandpa Wasden. He was here for work and took us all for dinner.

This last week we went and did service tracting and we found some people that were harvesting some of their apples as well. So we offered to help and they let us. It was pretty fun and they were super nice people. It is cool to see how much some people open up just we you do a little service for them. They ended up feeding us lunch as well.

Here are some answers to questions that we sent Elder Shirley:
Q: What is the last thing you laughed about?
A: I couldn't tell you the last thing I laughed about...but with the 4 of us Elders sharing an apartment together, it has been a blast. Definitely a different experience than I have had on my mission so far. We have joked that we are kinda living “The Best Two Years” movie.

Q: How has being companions with Elder Hymas changed you for the better?
A: Elder Hymas is really just a people person. He is just a really nice guy. You can tell that he just loves the people here and it helps me to work harder. 

Q: Which gospel principle do you feel most passionate about at the moment?
A: Lately I have just been telling people that we talk to that I know that faith and the gospel can help them in their lives.  Nothing bad comes from having faith. And I know that everyone could use a little more happiness in their lives. Basically, the church is true and it brings us happiness in ways that we can't imagine.

Here are some random comments in response to things we emailed him about:

  • ·         Porter really still remembers me? That’s crazy! Everyone looks a lot more grown up in that picture that you sent me! It makes me realize how long I have actually been gone. (We sent him a picture of the Wasden kids who came over to our house to visit)
  • ·         Dan and Claire looked good together! She was the homecoming queen,huh? Dan must have chosen right haha. (We sent him a picture of his brother Dan with his homecoming dance date)
  • ·         Oh hey just so you know, I bought myself 3 pairs of pants between this week and last. I decided to just chuck my other ones because they were super faded.

 Gotta go, I'm about to be kicked off my computer haha. Have a great week!

-Elder Shirley

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