Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Two More Months in Uherske Hradiste and a Calling To Be a District Leader

With Elder Lanham, my district leader for 4 months,  who was transferred to Liberec this week. By the way, that shirt I'm wearing, I bought for 3 bucks. Pretty cool, right?

July 4, 2016

Happy 4th! I hope you guys have a fun Independence Day. We probably won't do anything here haha. 

This last week was the switch of the new mission President! We had a "Meet the President" training on Saturday in Brno and it went well. Since they are both Czech, they have decided to do all trainings in Czech as well. It will be an awesome change and I think the entire mission will improve in their ability to speak and understand Czech because of it. 

This last week in UH a big summer festival thing started. So on the town square is a bunch of tents with food, actually mostly just beer, and they set up some bleachers and they have a sand soccer court in the middle of the square. It is pretty cool but it makes it a little hard to contact people there now. Everyone is drunk and we get yelled at by drunk people quite often haha. Nothing like being a missionary! 

In my first interview with President Pohořelický, which was only a few minutes, I really felt good about him being the new mission president. This mission will be led exactly how it needs to be led in the next 3 years.

So transfer calls came this last week and...........I am staying! Elder Hudson and I will be together another transfer. Four transfers in one area doesn't happen very often at all. I will get a total of 8 months in the city of Uherské Hradiště. I thought for sure I would be transferred to a new area this time, but I guess the Lord has something else still in mind for me. This city must have something great in store for me!

Last Monday, we had Family Home Evening and only one person ended up coming. He is an American that lives here every so often. He had heard of our church before but didn't know a whole lot about it. We showed the Restoration film and talked about the Book of Mormon with him. This past week he flew back to the states, so we left with him our testimonies. The Spirit was so strong and I really feel that this man will be baptized. It was one of the few lessons that I have taught in English, but it was powerful! 

Funny story, this morning when Elder Lanham, my district leader was transferring to his new city, his comp, who was staying in UH, got stuck on the train with him! And he didn't have any of his stuff or the phone. So he borrowed a phone from a random guy and called us and told us we have to drive to the next train stop to pick him up. So we had to drive about 25 minutes to the next stop to find him haha. And then on the way back, a few cop cars on the street flagged us down. I was pretty nervous, but they were just doing random license checks and they also breath checked me. It was a pretty interesting morning!

Oh, and by the way, I was made district leader this transfer. I am the oldest missionary out of the six in my district now and I'm supposed to lead them haha. Hope it goes well!

Love you all!
-Elder Shirley

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