Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happiness Is Found In The Family

Enjoying lunch at a zone meeting

Elders Shirley, Hanis, Carlson, Hymas

October 24, 2016


This week was great! We have our free English classes on Tuesdays here in Brno. The other two Elders were sick and at home so I covered their class this week. It was conversation class and so we just kind of talk together. They started off talking about politics and money and then with time the conversation turned into how we can find happiness. I asked everyone in the class how they find happiness. Keep in mind that none of these people are members of the church. We went around the room and it was interesting to hear from all of them that real happiness is found in relationships and in the family. I had to pause and stop them. I told them that that was the real purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It strengthens relationships here and allows those relationships to continue on. The gospel applies to everyone because everyone has loved ones. We know that knowledge of the plan of happiness allows us to have joy. It was a really cool discussion with them.

We went tracting this week without a whole lot of success on Wednesday and Sunday. And our family that we found last week appears to not have a whole lot of interest, unfortunately. They said they will call us and let us know when they can meet. That is a line that we don't like to hear from people haha. Sometime I'm sure somebody will actually call back and have interest.

I had an exchange with Elder Hanis this last week. We went through the MTC together and are pretty good friends so it was a good time. We taught one girl in the evening in a tea shop. She had the wrong idea of why we wanted to meet, I think, but we ended up teaching a good lesson and I think she has interest. I love talking to people that are open to learn more and that have questions. I have realized recently how much I love teaching first lessons! 

We had service on Saturday. We ripped a massive tree out of the ground. It took 3 hours to dig it out and cut all the roots. But the lady was so happy that we could do it and we had a good gospel discussion afterwards. 

{Below, Elder Shirley  responds to some info and questions that we had sent him}
I was looking forward to hearing about state soccer all week! Sad to hear how it ended up, but I'm sure it was a fun and exciting tournament. That actually hurts a little to read the recap of the games. That's hard to get scored on only by PK's. And then the fact that Teton won it all....that's too bad haha. But I'm sure Dan's team played great! I'm honestly really excited to see Dan's senior year of sports. I think I'm looking forward to that almost more than anything else haha. I just need to re-live high school sports again through him. Basketball season is awesome, I'm excited to hear about it. I'm sure Abrea will make the team! She sounds like she has turned into quite the athlete since I have been gone.
Hey, sounds like it should be a fun Thanksgiving! Tell everyone I love them! 

Wow, that is big news that you got the bathroom textured! I remember taking all that wallpaper off! It sounds like you guys have done good work on the house since I have been gone.

I am feeling totally better this week! Elder Carlson, one of the missionaries in our apartment got super sick this week though.

Free time? I don't really have any honestly. I guess in the evening from 9:30 to 10:30, we usually just end up talking. Having 4 missionaries can be pretty distracting haha. We still exercise every day, but I'm sure I'll definitely have to exercise back into good shape when I get back home. I played a little basketball the other day on the hoop behind the church building here and I'm not too good haha. And it even hurt my back a little. My body is not at all used to that anymore.

Best thing about Brno? I don't know. There are always people to talk to here because it is such a big city. That has been nice. It’s great to not go and walk the same streets every single day. The ward is also awesome here. We had the Primary program yesterday and it was cute. The ward here is also singing at stake conference in Prague on the 6th of November and they asked us, the missionaries, to sing with them. So I am a member of the choir. That was fun! 

I'll be watching for the packages! Tell everyone thanks! I have a journal big enough and I also have clothes. I appreciate anything!

It was a great week all in all. I know the church is true! It blesses the lives of people. Love you lots! Have a great week!

-Elder Shirley

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