Tuesday, August 16, 2016

God Blesses Us At The Exact Moment We Need It

I didn't have any pictures of me this week so I decided to just take a couple so you could see my face

We decided to make cookies last P-day because it has been months since I've had homemade cookies. I think we made around 100 or so.

The main intersection in UH. The church building is the pink one on the right. I've been on this intersection literally probably thousands of times.

August 15, 2016

That is awesome news that Dan and Abrea both made the soccer teams! Congrats! Especially to Abrea for making her first high school team! I'm excited to hear how the games go. It'll be interested to hear how the team is this year. I can't believe another soccer season has already started! 

It's good to hear that you look forward to getting my letter! I'm sorry that sometimes I probably disappoint. This last week, not a whole lot happened. It's funny how everything kind of just becomes a normal thing. 

This week we had usual district meeting. We went out on the town square, the 6 of us, and we sang hymns and contacted people. We do that about once a week. We also taught our usual English class on Wednesday evening. We usually get about 5 people there and this last week we had 8 or so. We showed them the Restoration film at the end and they liked it.

Thursday was a pretty good day. We had nothing on plan, so we had a day of 8 hours on the street. We studied until 10:00am, contacted for 3 hours, ate lunch and then contacted for 3 more hours. And then, just to switch things up, we went tracting for 2 hours in the evening. We didn't have really any success throughout the whole day. We taught a few lessons on the street, but nobody was willing to set up a meeting with us. It is cool to see though, and we see it quite often, how blessings are received when we work through, when we keep going. And for us, last Thursday, that blessing came in the 7th hour of finding. We were tracting in some houses that were kind of close to our house. One lady answered the door and said, "I know you. We've talked before." We asked her what we had talked with her about and then introduced her to the Book of Mormon. She said that she knows the book, has it, and knows that it is from God. My comp and I were both pretty surprised so we immediately said that when people know the Book of Mormon is true, we baptize them. And then we asked if she wanted to be baptized. She said maybe. And so we set up a meeting with her the next day. It was awesome! Miracles come when we are obedient and when we are working hard. God is always there and blesses us at the exact moment when we need it. We had a meeting with her the next day and taught the Restoration. Just a cool experience!

Church was especially good yesterday. We had a lot of people there! I think our number hit around 45. The sacrament meeting talks were great too! 

Love you lots!
-Elder Shirley

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