Monday, January 18, 2016

Being Out Here Is An Awesome Experience!

January 18, 2016

Ahojte! (Some of the Moravian slang)

We had a good week here! A lot of the same as previous weeks, so nothing too big to report on! I hope that it still sounds interesting, because being out here is really an awesome experience!

On Tuesday, we had a lot of contacting! Of course! :) We also had a dinner at a member's house. It was really good! Also, my dad's cousin served his mission in this same city about 15 years ago so I have talked a few members here and they say that they think they remember him! Pretty cool to be serving in the same place just like a different Elder Shirley did 15 years ago!

Wednesday we had district meeting in Zlín and ate lunch there with them. When we were eating lunch there, a car outside of the restaurant caught on fire. I'm not sure if anyone got hurt but we hope not! We also taught English class.

Thursday, we had a good meeting with a less active and set some goals with him to come back into the church. We did a district singing display and contacted! We also did some tracting in the evening.

On Friday, we changed up our contacting a little. We made a survey about Mormons to see what people know about Mormons around here. We had somebody tell us that Mormons were only in Utah and that they were a secret sect. She looked pretty shocked when we told her that we were Mormons haha. In the evening, we went and helped a member. She teaches an English class here and she was giving her students a test. We got to interview her students and just talk with them while she graded them. It was fun! 

Saturday we took a train to a nearby city called Popovice. We had lunch with a less active and taught her a lesson as well. Then we weekly planned and had mutual in the evening.

Sunday was church of course! We had quite a few people there this time though because a family had their daughter get back from her mission to New Zealand! After church, we taught the guy that we have on baptismal date. He is really busy with work, but he loves coming to church and meeting with us. He is still excited for his baptismal date and is progressing well! We are excited for him!

That about does it for the week! It has gotten super cold again lately so every time we are outside for more than an hour we are frozen! But such is missionary life :) Hope everyone has a great week! 

-Starší Shirley

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