Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Reunion with MTC Group in Prague

Sunset in Jicin this week

Another sunset picture

A pipe thing that a member has here. She has had every missionary drink out of it for the last 20 years.

December 7, 2015


I'll get right to it this week.

Monday: We had P-day. We didn't do a whole lot. We went to Mlada Boleslav for most of the day. We had FHE again in Mlada. This time we only had 1 investigator show up with her 2 kids, but it was still fun! 

Tuesday: We had district meeting in Jičín. For our district finding activity, we went out on the main street in the city and sang hymns and Christmas songs. While the other 3 sang, I got to contact people! It was a fun experience.

Wednesday: We had a little Christmas party at the church. We set up some decorations and made some crafts. We don't have too many branch activities, so it was a good time to be around the branch during the week!

Thursday: Nothing too special. We had a few less active lessons. One in Mlada and the other in Jičín. Other than that, just some contacting! 

Friday: On Friday, we went to Prague! I had to go there and do some visa work. There apparently are 4 steps to get your visa, and this was the first. My MTC group was back together for the first time since the MTC. It was great to see all them again and hear about their experiences. Most of the day was spent in Prague, but we drove back to Jičín that night and finished the day with a couple hours of tracting. 

Saturday: We did weekly planning like usual in the morning and then we had the rest of the day open. We tracted during most of that time in two different places in the city. We found a few potentials in a small neighborhood outside of town.

Sunday: We had a great fast and testimony meeting. I still don't fully understand people, but I can catch the main ideas. Elder Petty and I ended up teaching gospel principles class and young men’s after that, so that was fun! We were also volunteered this past week to be the district that sings at zone training on the 23rd. So we've started practicing a four-part a cappella version of Carol of the Bells. I'm the worst singer out of the group, but I think the song will turn out alright.

That's the rundown of this last week! Talk to you all next week! 
-Starší Shirley

This is a paragraph of responses to some of the questions that we sent to Elder Shirley this week:
Work is a little slow sometimes. The language is still pretty hard. I definitely don't know as much as I would like. I get frustrated sometimes, but hey, that's how learning a language is! Cooking is great as usual! Sister Boza showed up how to make this Guatemalan dish which was super good. I made tortillas, but it took a long time. We only have an hour to cook and eat, so we can't get too fancy haha. You can tell everybody that I'm loving it here.

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