Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Exchange With Zone Leaders and a Trip to IKEA in Prague

The town of Hradec Kralove - Elder Shirley went there for exchanges this week

The town of Nova Paka.  There are a few members of the ward that live here and Elder Shirley and his companion went tracting here this week.

Nova Paka

Nova Paka

The welcome sign outside of the church building in Jicin

The church building in Jicin

Czech currency

September 22, 2015

First off for this week is our investigator P. She is a solid Catholic that we have been teaching for the past while. We met with her 2 more times this last week and she still has plenty of questions. She has been testing our knowledge on the scriptures, and especially the Bible. But I'm grateful for all the questions and the opportunity to search the scriptures. There really is an answer to any question in the scriptures. It's hard to tell where our meetings with P will go because she has so many questions, but she is an awesome investigator.

This past Wednesday, I got the chance to go on my first exchanges with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Yentes to Hradec Králové. We had a super busy schedule planned and taught a lot of lessons. It was a good experience for me to see another Elder and to see how he worked. I was happy to return to Jičín on Thursday though. 

We are working with quite a few less-actives here too. One of the less-actives that we are working with was one of the first members of the Church here in Jičín. He left the Church about 8 years ago, but we are hoping to reactivate him because he is a great guy. We also meet with another less-active lady a couple times a week. Her only problem is that she doesn't attend church very often. We now have the senior couple here with us and they met both of our less-actives. The senior couple was able to connect with both of them really well which is awesome! 

Yesterday was an interesting day for us. Our senior couple has an apartment here, but does not have any furniture. So Elder Bitner and I took a bus to Prague and met with them and went to Ikea and picked out all their furniture. We shopped for a while and then loaded all the stuff into the mission van. Elder Bitner and I got to drive the car back to Jičín and unload everything in their apartment. It was an all-day activity and that is why I am writing my email today instead of yesterday. 

Not too much else happens around here except lots of contacting on the street and tracting. It's tough work, especially when I can't understand people, but I just go with it! The language slowly progresses through talking to people and listening closely to what they say. I can still go through a church meeting and not understand much, but I think the grammar concepts are making a little more sense now. 

That's all for the week! Love you all and have an awesome week!

-Starší Shirley

We asked Elder Shirley several questions in a recent email; here’s a paragraph with responses to those questions:

It sounds like everything is going great at home. Dan and Abrea both sound like they are doing awesome in soccer. I write some of my letters from a local library and we write some from the computer at the church building. The members here are great and most of them actually speak English, but they are patient with my Czech. Most of the members in this specific branch actually translate for the church! But, I have not been fed by a member yet. I won't actually get to hear General Conference until October10th here. We get it a week after you guys. Our investigator that we had on baptismal date must have dropped off the face of the planet or something because she hasn't responded to us in over a week, which is too bad. It is starting to get pretty cold here, so you can tell that it is Fall now.

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